Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chasing with Partners this year

I have had many people ask to "tag along" in the past when I chase and I always politely say no as I have had bad luck with it. This year the Tundra may get a break and I may be the one tagging along. I've been contacted by a few chasers and have sent a few messages myself about partners. I will this year for the first time ride along with other chasers and just document the storms which is what I love doing.

I look forward to it as it will give me a chance to see how they go about it and I will learn a lot. I also will be free to shoot the storm and watch the skies for a change.

I think with the numbers this year we will have an even more successful year than the last few.

I also have contemplated a camera upgrade. I may go from Nikon to Canon. More to come on that as it happens.